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Жером Сего

"Я сотрудничал с агентством Беатрикс при поиске квартиры для себя, и хочу отметить, что качество работы агентов, как и качество показанных мне квартир, было на высоком уровне. Рекомендации агентства были высокопрофессиональными, точными и соответствовалии нашим запросам, что позоволило нам найти квартиру за очень короткий срок."
Жером Сего
Automobiles Peugeot
Директор по маркетингу

Мария Римаати

"Посольство осталось довольно уровнем сервиса, оказанным агентством Беатрикс, при подборе квартиры по нашим требованиям в аренду, при этом сроки были очень сжатые. Нам предоставили хорошую выборку квартир, и агент Беатрикс эффективно провел переговоры и составил договор аренды от нашего имени." 
Мария Римаати 
Первый секретарь
Посольство Новой Зеландии, Москва


Nigora's name was referenced to me by my colleagues in RBS who have found opportunity to be serviced by her.

Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with the way Nigora works. She is highly professional and fully committed to her work as well as to her clients. Albeit the stretch hours that I had to work with, Nigora always made herself available to render services with a view  to satisfy clients. 

One of Nigora's key strengths was her ability to grasp client needs promptly. She is quite talented in figuring out what her client seeks by soliciting an informal Q&A session. She is particulary successful in provocating a thoughtful decision making process in order to prioritise the eligible apartments she has priorly identified. In terms of provision of detailed info on the apartments and surroundings, she is always prepared. She is a trusted person whom I can speak my mind comfortably. 

Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend Nigora to my friends and colleagues. 

Thanks and Regards,

Burak Kaya

RBS Global Banking & Markets

Посольство Ирландии

I was very satisfied with the service you gave, the choice of apartments were very nice, you were polite, your English language skills perfect and you were always available to assist or answer my questions. On a whole I was very satisfied.

Christopher Dalton

Embassy of Ireland Moscow


I have been really impressed with Natalia's professionalism and responsiveness to my needs as a client. She immedediately understood what kind of housing I was looking for and very quickly succeeded in providing me with several good options.

Thanks to Natalia in no time I had the house of my dreams! Natalia's sincere advise, patience and friendliness made me very welcome in Moscow.

Adriana Sopota| 

Human Resources Head CIS

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Посольство Италии

I'm very grateful to Natalia Chindiaskina for the assistance she provided in searching for a suitable apartment in Moscow. She has been ready to understand the requirements of a very demanding client and very professional (and patient!) in selecting the most appropriate solutions, arranging visits in the most convenient way (based on my working schedule) and assisting in the negotiation with the landlord. Her kind and friendly ways made the research process much easier and less stressful.

A very warm thank you!

Simone Landini

Italian Embassy


"Выражаю благодарность за сотрудничество, оказание услуг отличного качества по поиску квартиры в Москве  и внимательное отношение со стороны Наталии Чиндяскиной, что выразилось в чётком понимании наших требований по уровню квартиры. Особенно благодарен за то, что было принято во внимание ограниченно время на поиск квартиры и заключение договора.

С удовольствием буду рекоммендовать Ваши услуги своим друзьям и знакомым".

Руслан Юсупов


Посольство Финляндии

"We were very pleased with your agent's work, she did her work very well indeed!"

best regards  Marja Trento

Takahiro Miyagawa


I am pleased to present my favorable experiences in dealing with Beatrix Real Estate.

Beatrix helped us to find an apartment according to our housing request. Not only the residence we rented through Beatrix fits all our specific requirements to an extent to be called ideal, but also the Beatrix agent, Nigora Karimova helped us with search of properties, negotiations with owners’ representatives, agreement support and showing around the neighborhood. I was impressed with the professionalism and customer care attitude shown by Nigora Karimova.

Beatrix’s keen understanding of the issues faced by foreigners relocating to Russia helps overcome the stress of moving to a new country.

I fully endorse and recommend the services of Beatrix Real Estate.


Takahiro Miyagawa

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